Sometimes, my mom will call and ask what I’m doing. Lately, I find that I’ll tell her I’m gerbilling. In my mind, this means that I’m either watching the gerbils, holding the gerbils, playing with the gerbils, or doing something else gerbil-related. When I say play with the gerbils, though, what I really mean is that I’m hanging out with them while they’re outside of their cage, usually in our gerbil playpen. (Hey, people put their kids in playpens…why not gerbils?)

I’ve been watching the gerbils a lot, and they kind of have their own version of “house.” Fidget organizes and cleans the cage all day long while Oodalaley naps or does other things (pays the bills? I don’t know.). I guess it’s a stretch to say that Fidget organizes or cleans, because what she really does is make piles of bedding, then climbs into the pile, burrows her head in, then comes out of it with a bunch of bedding on her head. The pile is flatter, so she starts piling up bedding again. She did this four times yesterday that I saw (and yes, I did sit and watch the whole time). But I have to say, the fact that they’ll cuddle each other and sleep together is just so cute.Cuddles!

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