I am working on a quilt inspired by Piet Mondrian. It’s not that I particularly like his work in real life; there are other modern artists who I like more. But I think his designs easily lend themselves to a quilt. And I think it’ll make a cool one to boot. So I started working out the design at the beginning of the week, and bought the fabric yesterday, began sewing pieces together last night (it took me about two and a half hours to press all the fabric because most of it was remnant pieces).

In my design, the black lines are 4” wide. Each small square is 8”x8”, the long rectangle ones are 8”x20”, and the large square is 20”x20”. But when I began assembling everything, I think four inches is too wide for the black lines. If I wanted to change the width, though, the whole design and measurements have to change and I don’t really want to do that right now. So, for this one, the lines stay at 4” wide.

Here is the Mondrian piece that I worked off of:

This is my design for the quilt:

I guess we’ll see how the final project comes out.

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