Mirror, mirror, in my alley

Yesterday, I was working on the quilt and Justin had gone into the alley to smoke. A few minutes later, I heard a rock against the window. I looked out and he was gesturing to something in the alley. I went out and there was a mirror with a classic frame around it. I examined it and saw that 1. It was in good shape, 2. It was in need of a good cleaning, and 3. The frame was plastic. Plastic is really easy to paint over. So, I brought it in, wiped it down, took it apart and began to repaint it.

First, I painted it white.

Then, I tried out some colors on a gessoed piece of paper and decided that I really liked the yellow/light cream look. I had considered Prussian blue (I LOVE Prussian blue…it’s such a beautiful blue). I also considered a sage color. But because of the frame, I decided to go with more traditional colors. And since I wanted it to look really good, I decided to bust out the oils on this project.

I painted the first round of colors on it last night and left it out to dry. Today, I check it and it’s still pretty wet. I added plenty of liquin, but I also used a lot of titanium white, which I think takes longer to dry than a lot of the other colors, even with the liquin.
It’s actually kind of a problem because the wet mirror frame is in the middle of the living room floor and I have two more seams and some batting to add to the quilt. With a living space the size of a small garage, we’re tight on space and this damn frame needs to dry. Maybe I’ll put it in the basement for the day. Hopefully no one will go down there because everyone else in the building has a job.

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