These are the people in my neighborhood

I live in a very colorful part of Denver: capitol hill (or cap hill). There are lots of different kinds of people here–hipsters, punks, yuppies, hippies, families, goth, crazies and more. But I love the neighborhood because of it. Over the years here, I’ve started recognizing faces. Everyone is really friendly, too, which I love. It’s nice to be walking down the street and someone you don’t know, but you recognize from the area, says “Good morning” to you.

I was at my coffeeshop this morning and the line was REALLY long. As I was waiting, I saw a familiar dog at the window, accompanied by his familiar owner. This dog is medium-size, yellow-ish, with pointy ears. He has the friendliest face I’ve seen on a dog. If this dog were a guy, I’d have a crush. The dog adores his owner, and he is never on a leash, but he doesn’t have to be, from what I’ve seen. The dog waits patiently outside the coffeeshop while his owner gets coffee, and when they leave, the dog is at the man’s heels the whole time. It’s so incredible to see an animal that devoted to its owner. And not that animals who don’t follow their owners that closely aren’t devoted or anything, but it’s amazing to see this dog just follow his owner around.

I want to know how this man met his dog. I want to know the dog’s name, and the man’s name. I’m very curious about these two. I don’t know if it’s weird, but I am curious about this man and his sweet-faced dog.

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