Growings, earrings

First, all my little baby plantlings are getting bigger. The basil is doing really well, as is the geranium. I also planted some lettuce, but as it just looks like wet soil right now, I’ll refrain from posting pics just yet.

Also, since I’m starting a new job soon, I decided to make some earrings. I don’t know that I’ll wear these to work–I want to see what everyone else is wearing. It’s a really straight job: business attire, health benefits, incentive plans. These are things I’ve never had in a job, and I’m both excited and nervous. But anyway, these are the earrings I made.

I found these pieces in a bead store in Denver. I’d never been there before, but I think I’ll be going back. A lot. They had a ton of cool things from all over the world. These pieces reminded me of a ring I bought in the UAE that I love and have misplaced. I’ll probably find it when I move.

These I basically copied from a brown pair that I bought at Claire’s. Why buy them when you can make the exact same thing? Even the shape of the sequins is the same as the Claire’s ones.

I like green.

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