I had to go to Target today because my car seat is tearing apart at the seam and every time I get in the car, more of the stuffing comes out of the seat. It’s actually a problem because I think the orange foam inside sticks to my pants and stuff. And since I just started a new job where I have to look professional, it’s a problem having orange crap stuck to my black pants. Anyway, I picked out a neat seat pattern (stripes) and was walking to the checkout when, in the beauty section, I noticed that Target now sells Doctor Bronner’s Magic Soaps. For those who aren’t familiar, Dr. Bronner’s is a brand of soap made from hemp and other all natural, organic ingredients. The two that I like most are the mint and lavender.

My parents used to have this stuff all the time and they ordered it through a co-op, and then later the soaps were available at the natural food store. When I moved out on my own, I kept buying his stuff because I love his soaps. I use the lavender for everything. I mix it with water to clean the floors. I add it to the laundry to give it a lavender scent. I clean the gerbil cages with it. I think I’ve even used Dr. Bronner’s when I ran out of shampoo. It’s safe to use on anything and anywhere because it’s natural. I don’t worry about the gerbils getting sick if I use it to clean their cages because they won’t. It’s also great for camping because it’s completely biodegradable. Aside from that, it’s free trade, and the company is big into activism. They have a big thing about cheater organic products. They’re hard core (check them out at

The other unique thing about Bronner’s soaps is that he has all this writing on the side of each label. Most of it is faith preaching kind of stuff. For example, the first thing he says on it is: “Absolute cleanliness is Godliness.” Or: “The 2nd coming of God’s law! Mohammed’s Arabs, 1948, found Israel Essene Scrolls and Einstein’s ‘Hillel’ prove that as no 6-year-old can grow up free without the ABC, so certain can no 12-year-old survive without the Moral ABC mason, tent and sandalmaker Rabbi Hillel taught Jesus to unite all mankind free in our Eternal Father’s great All-One-God faith!” His label is literally covered in these kinds of writings. His main theme is All-One, Moral ABC, and cleanliness.

And it’s now available at Target. I guess natural, healthy, and earth friendly products are now profitable enough for Target to carry them. I kinda feel like a poser buying this stuff at Target. I kinda feel like Dr. Bronner’s family (Emmanuel Bronner died in 1997) sold out. But then, I guess it’s good that natural, healthy and earth friendly is going mainstream. I guess.

On another note, I bought a book at Urban Outfitters. I was trying to walk through the store to get out of the mall I was in (the second ring of hell is a mall, I’m telling you). Before I could get out, I saw a book I thought looked cool. After browsing through it, I decided to buy it. It’s got some cool ideas in it. But the funny thing was, most of the projects in the book are how to make the kinds of accessories that you can buy in Urban Outfitters. Every time I’m in that store, I like their accessories, but I also think that I can make them, too. And sometimes I have. But this book was like a handbook for making the entire furniture and accessory line for that store. I thought that was weird that they’d sell a book on how to make the same crap they sell to consumers. But then, considering that the national credit card debt exceeds $900 billion (yes, billion), it doesn’t surprise me. I doubt most of the people shopping in Urban Outfitters are making anything at home. We buy stuff in America. It’s patriotic to support the economy. We don’t make things, especially when wecan buy it much faster (because it was made in China, to whom this country is in debt to, not surprisingly).

Kind of a strange day. Oh, and remember people: Children are not accessories.

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