$6.55 per gram

Saturday, I noticed that Fidget’s foot was red and swollen. Although this had happened before, this time the swelling was really bad. So…off to the vet. Since we can’t go to her primary care vet on weekends, I took her to a new emergency clinic vet. The vet felt her foot and said that Fidget had a fracture. How she got it, I don’t know. She’s always jumping off things, falling, leaping, skidding into things.

The vet said the fracture would heal on its own, I just needed to keep her from jumping too much. The foot was red because she’d been chewing on it, pulling out the fur; the vet prescribed antibiotics that taste like cherry (they told me it was flavored; I didn’t try it) to administer doses to Fidget for the next ten days, twice a day, by mouth. Then we’d have to check in with our primary care vet in two weeks.

It might be kind of crazy that I even have a primary care doctor for my gerbil. I don’t even have one for myself. And it’s not like it’s the primary care vet for all my animals because the cat goes to someone else.

Fidget is my accident-prone pet. If there were a gerbil-sized helmet she could wear, I’d make her wear it. That fact that I’ve even BEEN to the vet three times with her, and that she’s also had a fracture before, as well as a scrape or two here and there, means she’s that active kid on the playground who’s always pushing the limits of safety, falling down and getting hurt. Sometimes the kid just scrapes his knees really bad; sometimes the kid breaks his arm. And as soon as his arm is healed, he’s back up on the monkey bars trying out for some imaginary olympics, doing the same stunt that broke his arm. That’s my Fidget.

So, to break it down–
Vet bill for leg: $132.00
Costs for the tail surgery: $185
The visit to the vet two weeks ago when she was dehydrated: $63
Total vet costs: $380.

Fidget weighs about 58 grams. Taking into consideration her vet bills, she’s now valued at $6.55 per gram. Are there any drugs out there that cost that much? If so, maybe I need those drugs.

Above: Fidget, in her better days.

Damn gerbils. At this point, I can only laugh at myself.

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