I love color. Working for the decorative painter gave me a new understanding of color, only expanding my appreciation. I notice colors everywhere I go. I realize that we all see in color (most of us, anyway), but rarely do we see the color. I’ve been taking the time to notice all the colors, hues, tints that make up what I’m looking at. Yesterday, I went on a run/walk in Cheeseman Park. It was cloudy out, drizzling. The lack of direct sunlight made it seem like the day was dreary, probably why no one was in the park. But I went out anyway. While walking, I swear, the colors of the trees, grass, bushes, tree trunks and branches, even the homes were all brighter. It was as if, without the sun to compete with, the new fresh leaves on the trees could really shine. It wasn’t that anything was brighter, only that the colors were more intense. I wish I had brought a camera on the walk because it really was so incredibly beautiful.
So, I came home and played around with colors. I just wanted to put them next to each other and see what happens. This is the result.

As a continuation of the previous entry, after the DAM, my mom and I went to the Fancy Tiger, my new favorite shop on Broadway, and bought some Amy Butler. These are the ones I’m putting into my new plan for a baby quilt.

Maybe not for an actual baby, but the plan is to make it for a two-year-old. My niece, to be specific. This is a rough idea and I know the design is going to change before the final (due in July, as that’s her birthday).

The color study reminded me of the color exercises I had to do in art classes and during my time at the Art Institute of Chicago. I think I’m going to do more of these, but I want to use acrylics. Or get some more watercolors. I only have three watercolors: Alizarin Crimson, Golden Yellow, and Ultramarine Blue. I want to work with some ochres, pthalos, cerulean blue, Prussian blue, red oxide. Anyway, I either have to start using those colors in a medium I have, or go out and get more watercolors. Maybe I’ll get the watercolors. Easier cleanup.

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