Recipe for a good time:


* 38,589 piece of fabric, 48 of those members of a quilt. The rest can be remnants, scraps, tiny pieces that will stick to all kinds of clothing, and even thread
* 1 water bottle
* 104 needles that like to hide out until a foot comes by
* 1 cat who insists on spreading her hair on the 48 quilt members. Not on the other pieces of fabric because they’re not going onto a quilt right now. It’s important to place the cat hair on the right pieces of fabric
* 1 cleaned glass of jelly to be filled with wine
* Wine

Stir all together for a wicked-crazy Friday night.

Yes, I do drink wine out of an old jelly jar. Cause I’m hip like that? (I don’t know…just cause it was there and, with the quality of wine I drink, the shape of the drinking vessel doesn’t affect the taste. Promise.)

Me personally, I was having a great time until the bottle of water got all jealous of the wine I was drinking and it decided to hide out under the quilt until I walked by. It jumped up under my foot so that I stepped on it, nearly fell into my bike, and spilled the wine all over every piece of the quilt. Nice work water bottle. I get it.

After that, every piece of the quilt had to go into the bathroom where I rinsed them in cold water. I hung up the wet pieces in the bathroom. I couldn’t put them into the washer or dryer because none of the pieces are hemmed. Everything would have unraveled and gotten hell-a f*cked up in the dryer. So — into the bathroom they went…

The blue checkered stuff in the background is not part of the quilt. It’s my shower curtain. Wooo!

After that, the party was pretty much over and I asked the water bottle to leave. (Actually, I just put it somewhere I wouldn’t step on it. Brilliant, I know. I astound myself sometimes.)

Lesson of the day: Stay hydrated. A jealous water bottle will wreak havoc.

On another note, I think I’ll be cleaning droplets of wine for the next two weeks. And I HATE the smell of old, dried wine.

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