Embroidery at Confluence

I rode my bike down to confluence park two days before the start of the Democratic National Convention. I swung by the Pepsi Center to see what was going on. A lot. And I have to say, the CNN people are hard to tell apart from the secret service, with their black SUVs, suits and glasses. The only way I could tell them apart was the CNN sticker on the dashboard of the SUVs.

This is Brooklyn’s, a popular bar for those who are on campus. Which no one was that week.

This was the line for press to get into the perimeter of the Pepsi Center. There were different passes for the perimeter and for actually going inside. This is only some of the 19,000 press who were in town for the event.

After that, I actually rode down to the park and sat and embroidered next to the creek. It was so nice—the sound of the water, the smell of the water, and everyone happy. The only interruption was the occasional herd of officers who marched by dressed for a riot. (They didn’t end up needed the riot gear after all.)

The Platte.

Me embroidering in the park.

Kayakers and swimmers.

Kayakers. Downstream there’s actually a kinda cool kayakers route thing. I think upstream too.

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