Highly productive Labor Day

I did a lot of stuff this weekend. I finished two purses.

This one:

The same one only kind of a cool lighting effect that I didn’t mean to do.

My tetris purse.

Also, I made a new light for my bedroom. I didn’t like the dangling fabric around a roundish egg shaped paper lantern thing, so I made this. It’s called an electra. Lesson for next time: Apply the tissue paper before putting the whole lantern together. But I didn’t actually think of the tissue paper until after I’d hung the thing, but it’s good to know for next time. If I get around to it, I may paint a glaze over the tissue paper to harden it. As long as the tissue paper doesn’t tear while doing it. That stuff is weak.

With the light on

With the light off. You can see the green tissue paper in the pentagons (I think that’s what they are. They may be decagons. But I say pentagon because they are made up of five different pieces.)

Then I refurbished one drawer on my sock dresser. I will work on the other two when I get more sandpaper.

It’s covered in a paper and then glazed over with a gold acrylic glaze.

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