Quote? Truism? Meme?

C: Today’s lesson: guys tell women they’re crazy to make them crazy to justify calling them crazy.

J: That should not be a lesson.

C: Um, quote? Truism? Meme?

J: No, because it’s sexist, lol.

C: Calling women crazy is sexist. Individuals can be crazy, but not an entire gender.

J: Telling a woman she’s crazy, or saying all women are crazy? Also, women tell women they’re crazy all the time. Is that not as offensive?

C: Guys (as a group) tell women (as a group) are crazy all the time. It’s also offensive when say it of other women. More so, I think. Also, it’s dumb.

J: Ok, then douchebags maybe?

C: Yes.

J: Calling someone crazy only works if there isn’t a good argument for why you don’t agree with what they’re doing. Most ignorant statements are easy to shoot down; or better yet, used against the person saying them. Whoever said this to you, you should put them in their place šŸ˜” Within reason. Don’t say something that will get you fired.

C: It was something I saw online, not a work thing.

J: Oh, ok. Well, 80% of people online are trolls.

C: Yeah, but it’s something I’ve heard in real life too. And you’ve called ME crazy. Are you a troll? That would explain the smellā€¦

J: I eat trolls. And yes, I’ve called you crazy, but that was within a specific context independent of your gender.

C: I’m not sure if eating trolls is healthy. I think it would lead to indigestion. And I’m not crazy.

J: Also, I just found out about blind spots. Like, in our eyes, right in front of us. There’s a simple trick you can do to prove it.

C: Oh, yeah. It’s a problem for people with only one eye because of depth perception. One-Eyed Willy had lots of blind spots.

J: Blind spots are always there, it’s always a problem. Our brain just projects what it thinks should be there.

C: Like treasure. OMG! Do you think Goonies might not have been real?

J: Do you see a boatful of treasure slightly to the left or right of everywhere you look? And don’t you ever step to the Goonies.

C: Yes. The treasure is always next to a Baby Ruth. And how do I step to the Goonies? Is that like a dance?

J: No. It’s like bringing it. But with drums.

C: I bring thingsā€¦

J: You just to make sure that if it’s on, Donkey Kong is not involved.

C: I thought he was involved in everything that was on.

J: Not everything. There’s ‘it’s on,’ and there’s ‘it’s on like Donkey Kong.’ He throws barrels and shit.

C: Makes sense. He’s an ape. They do throw feces.

J: It’s on like Vietnam didn’t take as well.

C: Well, that’s just insensitive. Especially when you follow that up with napalm.

J: My personal one that I use is “it’s on like Voltron.’ But not enough people use my genius to have fun like you do.

C: You use my genius. I don’t mind. I want to make ‘it’s on like gerbils’ take, but I’m concerned about the ringā€¦

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