Ebola dreamin’

J: Good news and bad news.

Good news: I probably don’t have ebola.

Bad news: I might have ebola.

C: You don’t have ebola.

J: My back is sore… it might be ebola.

C: Oh no! It probably IS ebola! 😦  I’m sorry to hear about your internal organs. They looked so much better when your connective tissue was intact.

J: I’ve very connected to my tissue.

C: Not anymore  😦

J: I just had a very nice conversation with my tissue. We are very much still connected. Ebola is no match for my tissue!

C. Then you clearly don’t have ebola  😡  Maybe take up online bowling. Become an ebowla.

J: Pretty sure I have ebola and my immune system just took care of it. Muhahaha! Ebola should fear me!

C: I’m pretty sure I’m calling bullshit.

J: Or if you buy it online, it could be an e-bowla hat. And your immune system is just jelly.

C: Jellyfish! And fucking toxic to outsiders.

J: Jelly = jealous. I expected you to get that since you’re such an avid reader of Jezebel.

C: I do know the colloquial use of the word to indicate jealous. However, I know its use from South Park rather than Jezebel. But hey, any excuse to take a dig at Jezebel, amitrite.

YOU’RE a HAT! Free hat!

Ok, I’m sorry. You’re not a hat. You don’t have to be mad. I was just teasing 🙂

J: Lol, I was just trying to insult your choice of media outlets.

C: You always are 😡  I’M SORRY YOU’RE NOT A HAT!

J: This hat was made for walkin’, and that’s just what it’ll do, once my head grows feet this hat is gonna walk all over you…

C: You’re singing off-key.

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