Your mama is so…

fat she…
Eh, nope. Can we not make fat Yo Mama jokes?


Yo mama’s so responsible, she raised you until you were 18, then let you move back in with her at 32.

I was talking to J about fat mama jokes. I have never personally been in a Yo Mama Off, which sounds like it might be a right of passage for young men. A Yo Mama Off is a competition between two or more people who know a lot of Yo Mama jokes, most of which are aimed at insulting the other person’s mother based on her weight.

I refuse to do this. These jokes aren’t funny, and insulting another person’s mother because her physical appearance doesn’t conform to the beauty standards our patriarchal society has put forward is neither funny nor amusing, but a continuation of judging women–especially older women–based on their physical appearance.

How about no.

Instead, J and I brainstormed some new Yo Mama and Yo Daddy jokes (in the name of gender equality). These jokes are based upon qualities we do actually find repulsive, and have nothing to do with a person’s appearance.

“Yo Mama’s so racist, she’s pissed the Kardashians are trying to hijack the term KKK.”

“Yo daddy’s so conservative, he thinks everyone should have to carry a baby to term, regardless of theĀ circumstances of its conception, and that after the baby is born, the mother should not qualify for any public assistance in raising the baby, regardless of what her circumstances are.”

“Yo mama’s so homophobic, she jumps out of a car any time Elton John comes on the radio.”

“Yo daddy’s so politically uniformed, he had no idea how orange John Boehner is.”

“Yo mama’s so Tea Party, she doesn’t think taxes should be assessed for anything, even things like infrastructure, public schooling, and subsidies for farmers.”

“Yo daddy’s so liberal, he thinks we should live like the Europeans and that September 11 was an inside job.”

“Yo mama’s so conservative, she thinks Sarah Palin’sĀ a great candidate for president.”



~ [This post has been dedicated mine and J’s loving, caring, beautiful mamas, and all the other wonderful mamas out there. Yo, mama! You’re the best.]

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