Little Baby Dillweed

C: Also, fwiw, I like the name Abigail.

K: Nice. We do too. Mom doesn’t seem crazy about it.

C: Not so much, but cest la vie. You know what Shakespeare had to say about all that anyway.

K: Yeah…that guy was cool.

C: Oh, good! Glad you got the reference to the line by Shakespeare in his play: _______ (this is a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire.)

K: King Leer. Not sure the spelling or the play.

A rose by any other name should smell like new baby in order to be loved.

A rose by any other name should still smell like new baby in order to be loved.

C: Lear. No. Romeo and Juliet. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Meaning, regardless of Juliet’s name (Capulet), he still loved her the same.
Of course, they were young teenagers who thought they were in love after just meeting and decided they knew enough about love to kill themselves because they thought they couldn’t be together even though they didn’t even talk to their parents about or give the whole relationship some time to develop.
But same difference, amirite?
Anyway, it’s the idea that’s important. Not the details. Not in this case anyway. Next time details will be important. Probably.

K: It’s the thought that counts.

C: Ok.
What I’m saying is that no matter what you name your kid, mom will love it just the same as long as it has that New Baby Smell. You could name her Dillweed and mom would love her.
Actually, Dillweed is kinda cute.
Dilly! OMG, I’m so calling your kid Dill.

Carrot all

K: Haha!
No, you are not.

C: Sheesh. I feel like you don’t even carrot all about my ideas. Just give it some thyme, think about it.

K: Lol, nice.

C: You’re always trying to squash my ideas and creativity!

K: Quit talkin’ that chive!

C: Why can’t you lettuce have fun with this?!

K: Don’t beet my up about it.


C: Dill with it. I will send tissues for all the tears that leek out of your eyes.

K: Cheese and thank you.

C: I am punny from my head to-ma-toes.
Hehe…this is all going on my blog.

K: You have a blog?

C: Yes. You’re on it.

K: Oh. Well. Thanks for lemon me know.




*For more about K, read this and send an order form if you’d like to purchase any of the things.

To read about Baby Dillweed’s older sister, Little B, go here.

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