Why Do Wisdom Teeth Suddenly Disappear

J: I get that they had to take your teeth. But it’s not like you had plenty of wisdom to go around. 😛

C: Not funny Stini. Out of surgery. Oddly enough, my mouth hurts.

J: Oh, it’ll hurt. Might want to line up some painkillers. I want to see the chipmunk. Where’s the chipmunk.

C: No chipmunk yet. I look like an old man who never smiles. Really swolled now. Was spitting up blood.

J: It’ll get swollen the next couple of days, or should, if you’re actually human. It might hurt to laugh. You may not want to do that. I’m not a doctor, but I pretend to be one when I text. 🙂

C: I may not be. I was fully mentally aware as soon as the nurse woke me up. She was surprised.

J: OMG. What if you’re dreaming and still under right now? Wait, the nurse was surprised you were awake? Or because you were displaying mental functionality?

C: No. I did have a dream about Rose, though.

J: I’m glad you aren’t dead.

C: I brought the hippo.

J: Good hippo.

C: Great. You calling me fat again?

J: No, was saying good looking out to the hippo.

C: It’s a good hippo.

J: I’d like to be the first to welcome you officially to adulthood. You’re only going to lose more teeth from here on out, and none of them will grow back. Have a wonderful day.

That ‘dulthood guy is an asshole. I’m glad that the doctor putting you to sleep wasn’t the first time you took a nap. I guess we can call it that…despite all the cats and dogs 😦

C: Ugh. None of it funny.

J: Eh. Just a little bit funneh.

C: Not much.

J: But a little.
A pinch of funny
A splash of silly
and a sprinkling of dark humor.
Let it sit for a couple of minutes, stir
and then chill for another several minutes before serving, to C, evidently.
Jeez. You act like you just went through oral surgery.

J: “I’m not a grumpy bear!” ~says the old man who never smiles.

J: “Well, the good news is we got your wisdom teeth out. The bad news is the Doctor may have left his watch inside you somewhere.”

C: At least K was sympathetic. If it was a rolex, then finders keepers.

J: Aw, I’m sympathetic. Humor is my way of calming unease, especially my own.
My grandma died because they gave her something they knew she was allergic to. Not on purpose, allegedly.
It’s how the bastards got MJ.

C: They gave me the same drug that killed MJ. I know is your monkey way. Humor and being an adorable dick. I’m kinda sleepy. It really does feel like a hangover, with more mouth hurties.

J: And for the record
Casio > Rolex

C: Apple watch?

J: Apple watch is a flop.
I hope you get some rest and feel better. There’s no nap medicine that gives you a monkey tail for a couple days 😦

C: No tail medicine.

J: Feel better, and I am glad you are not dead. Mixed feelings about you not being undead.

C: I am definitely not dead. I’m unsure about undead status.

J: It’s one of those things you’d probably know if you were.

C: Mom’s also glad I’m not dead. Although I did drool and spit up a lot of blood. I would make a terrible vampire.

J: There’s no “in the closet” for vampires, unless they are literally in the closet.

C: My phone, hands, and shirt had blood on them.

J: Mess around with your numb lips! It’s fun trying to drink and whistle, depending on how bad it is.

C: Bottom line is, I don’t like the taste of my own blood.

J: In the Marine Corps we called it “motivating”

C: What, confusing people?

J: Tasting blood.

C: Did it work?

J: Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to do or die.

C: AaaaaOooooooGaaaaah

J: Why do wisdom teeth suddenly disappear
Every time you are near
just like me
they want to be

C: I kept my teeth. They are HUGE!

J: Keep them for good luck, and of course not for my voodoo doll.

C: Of course not.

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