Breaking Up With The Reminders


^This is not recommended therapy after a breakup.

C: I’m not texting with him at the moment and sort of purging him from my life a bit. For example, he bought me a journal and wrote in it/drew in it before he gave it to me (moon and stars Khaleesi stuff). It was plain black, thin paper, small height on the lines. I ended the diary early and changed to a new one. I wanted a clean start, I guess.

Also, it bugged me that he drew in it. Who does that? Writes and draws on someone else’s gift?

J: Sounds fine. I would have been more concerned if you turned it into some sort of voodoo doll, stabbing it with pins and burning it.

C: I don’t stabby stab.

J: You don’t need to. Your loose sewing pins and needles do plenty of stabbing for you!

J: Side note: Really small pieces of bread should be called kneadles.

C: Kneadles! I like  🙂


Hamster struggling to eat a “kneadle.”

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