Limbs for Fins!


Are the sharks finally fed up?

C: The sharks are fed up. So they’re going to feed on us. We take their fins, they take our limbs. “Limbs for fins! Limbs for fins!”

J: “sharks are fed up.” – may want to rethink that word choice.

C: No. Was on purpose.

J: Their problem is they are too fed up.

C: Limbs for fins!

J: Gills for thrills!

C: It’s because we keep ripping off their fins for soup. They’re mad and not gonna take it anymore.


“Limbs for fins!”

J: I don’t even eat soup!

C: They haven’t tried to eat you!

J: That’s all they try to do is eat me!

C: You’re delusional. You haven’t even been near a beach in a while. They don’t come on land.

J: I’m delusional? Sharks are trying to eat me and you berate me for taking countermeasures?

C: Did you see the video I sent you about the woman ranting about shark safety?

J: No, I did not. Now that i know it exists, I probably will.

C: Check email. She tells people how to stay safe from sharks.

J: There is no way to stay safe from sharks. There is only getting lucky…

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