Too sexy?


Sexy toothbrush time.

J: Oh no! My animal magnetism and tragic story line, coupled with my good looks and irresistible charm, may be getting me in trouble.

C: Oh no! Are you being trailed by a herd of rabid llamas? I’m sorry I set this in motion for you so many years ago…

J: Wait, what? …should I be worried about rabid llamas? …and them trailing me? WTF did you set in motion so many years ago, Claudia?

C: Your animalistic attraction! You attract rabid animals, like llamas, to you. I’m so sorry Stini 😦

J: Oh no. 😦 Maybe we can…reverse my polarity? That sounds like a thing, right?

C: I think so. Seems legit.

J: 20 year old trouble. I feel like it’s not even about playing my cards right, but just playing them any way other than to lose. I am too sexy 😦

C: Oh nos! The 20 year old, huh? Too sexy for the Stini…

J: For the pants, for the socks, for the toothbrush…Stini is too sexy. 😦

C: Is that why you rarely brushed your teeth? Makes sense now. Too sexy for the dishes, for the laundry, for the cleaning… 😦

J: Oh the tragedy. 😦

C: Is twagic.

J: Tragic.

C: You gonna hit that?

J: I’d like not to. Problem for me is, I get turned on by little things I shouldn’t do.

C: Taboos are your aphrodisiac.

J: I don’t know, taboo might be too strong a word.

C: Bad ideas?

J: Maybe not, maybe it will be a progression. I’d like to think my fetishes would still be refined.

C: Well. I say, “Llama llama llama gerbil llama gerbil llama llama gerbil kitteh.” Hope that helps!

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