Heeeere fishy fish…

whiterabbitJ: I have the foo chu fou shoo. 😦

C: What’s the foo chu? Are you going to survive?

J: The foo chu fou shoo is kinda like that feeling a zombie gets when it realizes it’s full and needs to take a nap. The foo chu fou shoo is kinda like what a dragon feels right before it breathes fire.

C: Hm, interesting… Is food related?

J: No, it’s not food related. Though it is kinda like that feeling Gargamel gets when he eats a Smurf.
Foo chu fou shoo is kinda like that feeling the Queen of Hearts has when she yells “Off with their heads!”
Foo chu fou shoo is also kinda how the White Rabbit feels when he shows up somewhere early.

C: Hm…you’re going with an Alice in Wonderland thing, with Smurfs…

J: It’s kinda like how a salmon feels after it learns it has to swim all the way back upstream.

FishC: Here fishy fishy…

J: Fishy is considered to be a derogatory term for fish…

C: Here fish fish.

J: Your call to the slaughter and consumption* of fish flesh is also considered to be offensive to fish. Even using fish itself is tricky. Lots of water inhabitants are not really fish at all, and yet they tend to get grouped and stereotyped with everything else. The classic example is the dolphin.

C: Feeeeshy fleshhhhy!

J: I mean, pigs are smart too.

C: People do stereotype dolphins. :/

J: It’s smart enough to play with a beach ball, but not smart enough to out-think a net.

C: Dolphin slaughter is not funny, Stini.

J: And fish slaughter is?

C: Appetizing? Mercury-laden? Part of a large-scale deconstructed sushi menu?

J: I’m just saying pigs are smart, and mammals too. For all we know, dolphins are made up of ocean bacon. 

C: I thought that was tuna?

J: Tuna is chicken.

C: Then what’s chicken.

J: Tuna is chicken.

C: You said that. But is chicken an apex meat? Does anyone say “Chicken is like the platypus of the Australian outback!”?

J: “chicken of the ocean/sea.” Deer is like the kangaroo. Chicken is still chicken, even in Australia.

C: Where is a chicken something else.

J: The ocean. Lots of things taste like chicken.

C: Salads don’t. Or tomatoes, zucchinis, or potatoes.

J: The fake buffalo wings try to.

C: I love those! So yummy.

J: Ain’t nothing like the real thing, behbeh. Ain’t nothing like the real thing.

*I’m a vegetarian.

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