Star Trek

J: Maybe you were right about my tone. I’m slightly bothered by your level of interest in Star Trek and programming when it’s someone else. 😦  Not a big deal or anything, just something I have a little trouble processing.

C: I’m sorry you’re bothered. It’s not about you. Should I just not share these things with you?

J: Kinda makes me feel like your problem wasn’t with Star Trek, but with me, is all. I know it’s not about me, but that’s kinda what it feels like sometimes. It’s not that you can’t share them, it’s not a big deal for me. But do you ever ask yourself why you’re ok with watching things like Star Trek now when you complained for years earlier about it? And what that might mean?

C: It’s like I can’t win with you. If I change and do things you think I hated or whatever, you get mad. But if I don’t demonstrate that I’m growing and changing, then you Stini me. I do, in fact, ask myself these things and I have perfectly reasonable answers for why I am willing to watch Star Trek now and didn’t want to with you. Have you ever asked YOURSELF why I might be into different things now?

J: Then why do you like Star Trek now?

C: I don’t “like” it. I’ll watch if the group is watching. But some of the writing is absurd, and you don’t get to hear my commentary during the eps: “Who is that? Where did that person come from? How does that even work? What the hell kind of -onium are they talking about now? This is so sexist. That outfit is stupid. That make up and mask are terrible; you can’t even see the lips moving.” You’d hate it. I don’t take it seriously.

J: For the record, I never said you were the bad guy. I just want to make sure that you’re not changing yourself just to be liked, thus the self-reflection questions.

C: I will say some of the concepts are intriguing. And if you didn’t say things like such a Stini-dick, I wouldn’t take them negatively. Have you ever wondered what it is about your approach that turns people off? I’m not changing so I can be liked. I’m too damn old for that shit.
Also, I watch for Wil Wheaton’s sweaters.
Are we fighting?

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