Ebola dreamin’, 2

J: I have a slight fever. I’m pretty sure. I feel warm. So, do I need to call the hospital and tell them I might have ebola? I’ve been self-monitoring too, and maybe I should be quarantined, since I feel warm.
They got really upset at that nurse when she had a temperature. And that doctor too, when he had a temperature. I don’t wanna get in trouble.
I think once you have a fever, you wait 21 days to get better or die. Assuming, of course, you don’t think my immune system beat ebola before, it’s going to be a harrowing experience.

C: I think you should quarantine yourself. No burritos for 21 days! And you know you’re supposed to take your temperature rectally, right?

J: I would rather die.

C: You may have to.

Ebola dreamin’

J: Good news and bad news.

Good news: I probably don’t have ebola.

Bad news: I might have ebola.

C: You don’t have ebola.

J: My back is sore… it might be ebola.

C: Oh no! It probably IS ebola! 😦  I’m sorry to hear about your internal organs. They looked so much better when your connective tissue was intact.

J: I’ve very connected to my tissue.

C: Not anymore  😦
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