On what makes something a zombie

J: I have the perfect movie for you and your boyfriend to watch next: Zombeavers.


What is a zombie when everything is a zombie?

C: Zombeavers? I’m concerned.

J: Zombeavers is real! Zombie beavers!

C: Zombie ladybugs are real!

J: There’s a zombie ladybug movie?

C: No. There are REAL zombie ladybugs.

J: BS. I think I would have noticed a zombie ladybug apocalypse.

C: It’s true. They act as hatcheries for wasps and fight off predators until the wasp hatches out and kills the ladybug.

J: Sounds more like hosts and parasites than “zombies”.

C: It’s like those ants!
zombie ants

J: Ants have that bacteria thing, more of a body snatcher situation. Wasps do the same thing to spiders. Not sure if I’d call them zombie spiders. More like soon-to-be-eaten spiders. I mean, you can’t just put the word zombie in front of something and MAKE it a zombie.

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