Nebraskan Christian Radio

C: Llama llama. How’s the drive with your mom going?

J: Pretty hilarious. Left at 2 am. Nebraska is not for me. Too many Christian radio stations talking nonsense.

C: Yes, Nebraska has that going on. There’s also country music. My dad listened to Shakespeare on tape the whole time I drove with him through Nebraska. All I remember is Caesar: “Read the will!”

J: We listened to talk radio for hours. It took a lot for me to not call in.

C: Did you tell your mom why talkers were wrong? I could send you funny memes.

J: A little bit. She was laughing at me listening to it. It was pretty ridiculous. It went like: ‘God is called excellent; therefore, God is excellent.’ That logic alone is evidently enough for some people.

C: Evidently. The circular logic is astounding.


Very, very quite contrary


“Rabble rabble!”
“Rabble rabble you!”

Note: Parentheses are summaries of long conversations and are also designed to preserve anonymity.

(C: Finding out the other person’s side won’t actually change the circumstances.)

(J: Yes it will.)

(C: No. Besides, I believe this person. Sometimes you just trust someone.)

(J: No. You can’t do that. You have to make sure they’re telling the truth.)

(C: You trust them through life experiences; there’s enough here to establish a clear pattern of truth and trust in people. There may be another side, there’s always two sides, but seeking the other side will hurt the person close to us. I can’t talk about this anymore because it’s upsetting me and I have to go to work.)

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