Can I interest you in this thing? It does stuff.

Around Thursday, Little B came out of her room with a full backpack. She went up to her dad and said “We need to talk.” She told him to sit down.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked. He was.

“Ok,” and Little B began.

She proceeded to pull toys out of her backpack and do a sales pitch.

“This is a shaker-thing. When you shake it, it makes lots of noise. It also has lots of colors. Are you interested in this? Is this something you need? Just think about it.” She set the maraca down on the coffee table and pulled out the next item.

“This is a micromophone. It makes your voice LOUDER when it’s close, and softer when it’s far away. There are also button on it, right here. You push them and they do things. Is this something you need? I can sell it to you.”

The microphone in question was actually just a drum stick.

Little B’s Dad was laughing throughout all of this.

“Stop laughing,” she scolded him. “I’m not done yet.”

She proceeded to pitch about eight toys to him.

LB’s Dad bought all the things (while laughing hysterically).


Is this something you need? It makes noise.


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