All at once…

HurtUterus1J: It could be worse. All that tissue buildup and those under-utilized eggs could just sit in there… Imagine giving birth to the number of babies equal to the number of previous periods all at once. We have billions of sperm in one shot.

C: Yeah, but for you it feels good when you unload the sperms. We have pain when we lose the tissue, although I can’t feel the ovulation.

J: But the pain is minimal compared to shooting out thirty babies in one go. It would literally kill you.

C: Yes, I suppose. Also, all the periods at once would be the worst case of period shits ever.

J: Not periods at once. Babies at once.

C: Or no babies. What if I don’t come in contact with any sperms?

J: Then you’ll really know what the term “bloated” means.