Who’s Who

Who’s who?

Confused about who I talk about? Here’s a quick overview of who appears frequently in my short stories and text conversations (sometimes name abbreviations are context-specific):

C: Me!


J: Guy friend and a longtime ex-boyfriend. Texting conversations often reach absurd levels of absurdity. I sometimes also call him Stini. It’s a nickname left over from our relationship.

Rose: Best friend  |  D: Rose’s husband  |  V: Rose and D’s daughter, 4 years old

A: Current boyfriend

K: Most recent ex-boyfriend

Bert: A friend and former co-worker.


Liz: My mother

David: Older brother

K: Younger brother  |  Sister-in-Law: My sister-in-law, his wife  |  Little B: Their daughter, 4 years old  |  Little Baby Dillweed: Their upcoming child

K: Female cousin (appeared in Peyton, please forgive me)

M: Male cousin (appeared in Peyton, please forgive me)


Kid: Neighborhood kid who is one of my kid best friends and asks a lot of questions. 7 years old.

Markus: David’s friend. Appears in Tesla test drives and gerbils.

*Names have been abbreviated or changed to protect the innocent and guilty.

If you need to reach me, please email claudiagrace621(at)hotmail(dot)com.